Brow Lift/Forehead Lift Chin Implants

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Are you troubled by your frown lines and ready for a permanent solution? A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, helps to minimize the creases that can form on your forehead and can also restore a brow that has started to sag or droop as your skin loses elasticity.

Dr. Kaplan has decades of experience in cosmetic and plastic surgery, and his results speak for themselves. In addition to providing high quality results for his patients in the United States, Dr. Kaplan also generously provides life-saving surgeries around the world through charities such as World Journey of Hope and Operation Smile.

Your Brow Lift / Forehead Lift Consultation

When you meet with Dr. Kaplan at our Fort Lauderdale office, he will ask you many questions about your current health and your goals and expectations for your brow lift. This information will help Dr. Kaplan determine whether you are a good candidate for brow lift surgery.

If you and Dr. Kaplan both agree that a brow lift is the right option for you, your surgery will be scheduled to take place at either the surgical suite at our Fort Lauderdale office or at a local Fort Lauderdale hospital. Dr. Kaplan will provide you with instructions for self-care both before and after your brow lift as well as prescriptions for medications you will need following the procedure. He may also change or discontinue some of your current medications. For example, blood thinners, including aspirin, promote bleeding and can create problems during a surgery of this nature.


The Brow Lift / Forehead Lift Surgery Procedure

Once you are appropriately sedated, your surgery will begin when Dr. Kaplan makes the initial incision. Depending on the specific issue being treated and a number of other factors, your incision may be located in either your temples or your hairline, or it may be placed further back on your scalp. The incision is carefully placed so that once it heals, the scar will be well-hidden by your hair.

Dr. Kaplan will work through your incision to reposition the muscles and other tissues that are no longer in the correct place. The tissue may be secured in place with absorbable sutures. If you are having your brow elevated, the repositioned brow may be held with surgical screws

When your muscle and tissue is in the correct place, the skin of your forehead will be redraped over the new contours, and any excess will be carefully trimmed away. Once this is done, your incision will be closed, and you will be moved to our recovery room where you can rest comfortably until the anesthesia wears off.


After Your Brow Lift / Forehead Lift Surgery

Your recovery time will vary based on the amount of work that was done. For example, a brow lift requiring surgical screws will have a longer recovery time than a lift done to correct deep wrinkles and sagging skin.

At first, you will not have a good idea of the results because of the amount of swelling and bruising that is typical following brow lift surgery. Make sure to take your medications as prescribed to reduce your discomfort and keep the swelling under control. Follow all of Dr. Kaplan’s aftercare instructions carefully including caring for your incisions to prevent infection

Once the swelling and bruising fade, you will be able to see your new, smooth forehead and your lifted brow. Keep all of your follow-up appointments with our Fort Lauderdale office so that Dr. Kaplan can check your healing and make sure that you are getting the results you discussed.

When you are ready to schedule your brow lift consultation with Dr. Kaplan, call our Fort Lauderdale office at 954-772-1069.


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