Male Arm lift (Brachioplasty)

Dr. Kaplan has extensive experience performing male arm lifts as well as numerous other types of surgeries. In addition to his considerable skill and talent, which yields excellent results for his patients, he is also understanding and listens carefully to your wishes and hopes for your surgery.

One of the side effects of losing a significant amount of weight is loose skin that no amount of exercise can fix. For many people, one area where this is typically very apparent is right under the arm. If you are a male and are troubled by loose skin caused by weight loss or aging, a male arm lift, also known as brachioplasty, may be the best solution.

To find out if a male arm lift is right for you, please contact our Fort Lauderdale office or call us at (954) 772-1069 to request a consultation appointment with Fort Lauderdale plastic surgeon Dr. Chance Kaplan.

Your journey to toned, attractive arms begins when you call our Fort Lauderdale office and schedule your male arm lift consultation. Your consultation with Dr. Kaplan will take place here at out Fort Lauderdale office. During this important appointment, you will meet with Fort Lauderdale plastic surgeon Dr. Kaplan and discuss your goals and expectations for your male arm lift. Dr. Kaplan will also talk to you about what a male arm lift can achieve so you can decide whether this surgery is in line with your goals.

If both you and Dr. Kaplan determine that a male arm lift is the right choice for you, you will be scheduled for your male arm lift at either our Fort Lauderdale surgical suite, located conveniently within our Fort Lauderdale offices, or at one of Fort Lauderdale’s excellent hospitals.

Preparing for Your Male Arm Lift with Fort Lauderdale Surgeon Dr. Kaplan

Once your male arm lift is scheduled, Dr. Kaplan will review your pre- and post-op self-care instructions with you. These instructions are extremely important and should be followed carefully to ensure the best results and fastest healing with the lowest risk of complications.

Fort Lauderdale surgeon Dr. Kaplan will also need to review any medications you are taking. Some medications can increase your risk of bleeding and bruising both before and after your male arm lift. Dr. Kaplan will make any necessary changes and will prescribe additional medications needed to reduce discomfort and swelling following your male arm lift. These medications can be picked up at any Fort Lauderdale pharmacy.

The Male Arm Lift Procedure

Fort Lauderdale surgeon Dr. Kaplan will begin your male arm lift by making an incision. Depending on the amount of tissue that needs to be removed, your incision may be located along your inner arm, along the back of your arm or in your armpit. Dr. Kaplan will be careful to keep your incision as small and unnoticeable as possible.

Working through your incision, Dr. Kaplan will remove excess fatty tissue, reposition other tissues to a more aesthetically pleasing location and trim away excess skin. Absorbable sutures may be used to hold tissues in place. Once this is complete, your skin will be redraped over your new arm contours and closed with sutures.

Following Your Male Arm Lift

In the days and weeks following your male arm lift, you will need to return to our Fort Lauderdale office for follow-up appointments so Dr. Kaplan can check your progress, make sure you are healing well and remove your sutures, if necessary.

Get plenty of rest in the days following your male arm lift. Take your medications as prescribed to keep discomfort and swelling to a minimum. Clean your incisions as instructed by Fort Lauderdale surgeon Dr. Kaplan to prevent infection.

It will take time for the swelling to recede and for your true results to become apparent. Follow Dr. Kaplan’s instructions for returning to a normal level of activity; don’t try to rush the process. It’s important to give your new arm contours time to properly heal.

Are you ready to learn more about male arm lift surgery? Please contact our Fort Lauderdale office or call us at 954-772-1069 to schedule your free male arm lift consultation with Fort Lauderdale plastic surgeon Dr. Chance Kaplan.

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