Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery

Vaginal surgery, or labiaplasty, is a procedure that is becoming more commonplace. You may be seeking labiaplasty for a variety of reasons. Labiaplasty is used to treat elongated labia that cause them vaginal pain, or you may be concerned about the physical appearance of your labia if they are elongated or asymmetrical.

Since vaginal surgery is performed on the most intimate part of your body, it is absolutely crucial to find a caring and discreet plastic surgeon who is experienced in this labiaplasty. Fort Lauderdale surgeon Dr. Chance Kaplan is skilled in labiaplasty and other reconstructive surgeries and can give you the results you want while helping you feel comfortable and confident in the choices you make for your body.

Your Vaginal Surgery Consultation

If you are contemplating labiaplasty, call our Fort Lauderdale office today. We will schedule you for a confidential consultation appointment with Dr. Kaplan so you can discuss your hopes and goals for this procedure.

Dr. Kaplan will discuss your reasons for desiring vaginal surgery. Elongated labia can make normal activities of day-to-day living including wearing jeans, exercising, or sexual intercourse uncomfortable or even painful. Dr. Kaplan will conduct an examination, which will include vaginal measurements and photographs for your medical records.

Once you and Dr. Kaplan have determined that labiaplasty is a good treatment plan, your surgery will be scheduled. Dr. Kaplan performs most plastic surgeries right here in our Fort Lauderdale office. In some cases, your surgery may be performed at a local Fort Lauderdale hospital. Dr. Kaplan will discuss your options with you to make sure you are comfortable with the location of your surgery.

Dr. Kaplan will also review your current state of health as well as your medication history. Bring a complete list of all medications you are taking to your consultation. It may be necessary for Dr. Kaplan to make changes to your medications. Certain medications can increase bleeding or your risks of complications, and Dr. Kaplan will ask you to stop taking these in the days preceding your vaginal surgery.

The Vaginal Surgery (Labiaplasty) Procedure

Most labiaplasty procedures only require a local anesthetic although general anesthesia is a possibility. Dr. Kaplan will discuss your anesthesia options with you prior to your surgery to make sure you are comfortable.

Once the anesthesia has taken effect, Dr. Kaplan will use special tools to cut and shorten your labia while taking care to keep your labia even. The exact location of your incisions may vary greatly based on the effect you are looking to achieve and the sizing and position of your labia.

After your labia have been reduced to the desired size, your incisions will be closed using stitches that dissolve. These sutures do not need to be removed following the surgery and will simply be absorbed into your tissue.

Following Your Vaginal Surgery (Labiaplasty)

Your labia will be swollen and you may experience discomfort in the days following your labiaplasty. Dr. Kaplan will give you medication to help reduce your swelling and keep your discomfort to a minimum.

Follow Dr. Kaplan’s instructions for returning to your regular levels of activity. Intercourse is not recommended for approximately one month following your labiaplasty. You should also not use tampons for at least 10 days after your surgery although a pad is recommended since you may experience some bleeding following your vaginal surgery.

Return to our Fort Lauderdale office as directed so Dr. Kaplan can check on your progress and make sure you are healing well.


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