Scar Revision

By our Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

No matter where your scar is or the reason you want to remove it, you need to know that your skin is in good hands. Dr. Chance Kaplan of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has been a trusted name in plastic and cosmetic surgery since 1987. His compassionate and reassuring nature helps his patients feel confident in their decisions to make changes to improve their appearance.

Scar revision is the process of reducing the appearance of scars through treatments such as surgery and laser treatment. Whether your scar is from a previous surgery, an injury or fall, or even skin conditions like acne, the treatments used by Dr. Kaplan are proven to help minimize their appearance and have you feeling great in your skin.

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Your Scar Revision Consultation

At your scar revision consultation, Dr. Kaplan will ask you important questions about your medical history and your reasons for seeking scar revision. He will examine your scar to ensure you are a good candidate for scar revision.

Come to the appointment prepared to discuss your current medications including over-the-counter medications and supplements. It would be helpful for you to bring your medication bottles with you.

Once you and Dr. Kaplan agree that scar revision is a good choice for you, your treatment will be discussed, and if surgery is necessary, that will be scheduled. Most treatments take place right here in our Fort Lauderdale office. You will be given instructions for caring for your skin following your treatment as well as prescriptions to reduce discomfort and swelling. Plan ahead so that you will have adequate time to rest while you are healing.

The Scar Revision Procedure

There are a few different options when it comes to scar revision, and after your initial consultation, Dr. Kaplan will be better able to assess the best option for you. Depending on the age and depth of your scar, Dr. Kaplan will recommend surgery, laser treatment or may even suggest take home treatments for you to do.

Recovery from Scar Revision Surgery

Your recovery will depend on your procedure, but overall, most scar revision treatments will not require much downtime. You may feel some tenderness at the location of the scar, but this will subside quickly and you will be able to return to your everyday activities. Call our Fort Lauderdale office today at 954-772-1069 to schedule your consultation appointment with Dr. Kaplan.

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