Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Do you make a point of covering your ears because their shape bothers you? You don’t have to constantly wear your hair down or cover your ears with a hat. If your ears are too large, are placed too far forward or are misshapen because of birth defects — or any other reason — you have other options. Ear surgery, known medically as Otoplasty, is a procedure that can improve the shape and positioning of your ears.

Finding an experienced and skilled surgeon is crucial to ensure that you get the results you want. Fort Lauderdale plastic and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Chance Kaplan has been helping people improve their appearance and correct their imperfections since 1987. His patients appreciate his compassionate and caring nature and are very pleased with their results following surgery.

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Your Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) Consultation

When you meet Dr. Kaplan at our Fort Lauderdale office to discuss your surgery, Dr. Kaplan will ask you a number of questions. He will need to learn more about your current health, the medications and supplements you are taking and any previous surgeries you may have had.

In addition to discussing your medical history, Dr. Kaplan will also want to know more about your concerns regarding your ears and your goals for your surgery. It’s important that your goals for the surgery be realistic, and Dr. Kaplan will discuss these with you to let you know what you can expect following your surgery.

If ear surgery is right for you, Dr. Kaplan will schedule your surgery. While your surgery is likely to take place here in our surgical suite at our Fort Lauderdale office, sometimes it is necessary to perform your surgery at one of Fort Lauderdale’s excellent local hospitals. Dr. Kaplan will also give you instructions for caring for yourself both prior to and following your ear surgery including caring for the incisions and instructions for medications.

The Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) Procedure

Most incisions for ear surgery are made behind the ear so that any scars that remain are not easily visible. Sometimes it is necessary to place the incisions in the front of the ear. When this is the case, the incisions will be placed in such a way that the natural folds of the ear hide them

Once the incisions are made, the cartilage inside your ear will be carefully reshaped to give your ears the shape you want. Once the cartilage is corrected, it will be held in place with absorbable sutures. Dr. Kaplan is always careful when reshaping ears to avoid an unnatural appearance.

Once the problem is corrected, your incision will be closed with removable sutures, and yours ears will be tightly wrapped with surgical dressings so that the healing process can take place.


Following Your Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Follow Dr. Kaplan’s instructions as to when it is appropriate to remove your dressings. Keep your sutures clean according to your aftercare instructions and take your medications as directed to keep discomfort and swelling to a minimum.

Once the dressings are removed, you will see an immediate improvement in the shape and positioning of your ears. Keep your follow-up appointments at our Fort Lauderdale office so that Dr. Kaplan can monitor your healing and remove your stitches.

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