Skin Tag Removal and Biopsy

By our Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

If you are looking to get a skin tag removal and want to have a biopsy on the tag once removed, you need to know that your body is in good hands. Dr. Chance Kaplan of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has been a trusted name in plastic and cosmetic surgery since 1987. His compassionate and reassuring nature helps his patients feel confident in their decisions to make changes to improve their appearance.

Skin tag removal is often sought after by patients who have large growths on their skin in unsightly spots. Some may want to remove these tags out of fear of them being cancerous, while others are looking for more of a cosmetic fix.

Whatever your reasons for wanting a skin tag removal, Dr. Kaplan is skilled in skin removal procedures and will ensure that your skin tag is not only nothing more than extra tissue, but that the removal also leaves you with a more desirable outlook on yourself.

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Your Skin Tag Removal Consultation

At your skin tag removal consultation, Dr. Kaplan will take a look at your skin tag and give you your options for skin tag removal. He will also recommend whether or not he feels that your skin tag requires a biopsy.

To ensure Dr. Kaplan is up to date on all of your medical history, come to the appointment prepared to discuss your current medications including over-the-counter medications and supplements. It would be helpful for you to bring your medication bottles with you.

Once you and Dr. Kaplan agree that skin tag removal is a good choice for you, your procedure will be scheduled. Most procedures take place right here in our Fort Lauderdale office. You will be given instructions for caring for yourself following your procedure as well as prescriptions to reduce discomfort and swelling, if needed.

The Skin Tag Removal Procedure

The process of removing a skin tag is rather simple, quick and efficient. Dr. Kaplan will cut off the tag carefully with scissors or he may freeze or burn the skin tag, depending on the size and location. It’s important not to try and remove a skin tag yourself as it will lead to infections, scarring and pain.

When a Skin Tag Needs a Biopsy

Most skin tags are completely harmless, but there may be instances where Dr. Kaplan suggests sending your tag to have a biopsy. Some reasons a biopsy may be needed are:
• If the skin tag bleeds
• If the tag has grown
• If it has multiple colors to it, specifically brown, pink, red or black.

If you see one of these symptoms, don’t panic. Dr. Kaplan will be sure to remove your skin tag correctly and send it in to be examined.

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