Are you considering Botox to reduce your moderate to severe wrinkles and frown lines? Choosing a doctor to perform your Botox injections is an important consideration. Dr. Chance Kaplan in Fort Lauderdale is a trusted and skilled plastic surgeon who has years of experience treating his patients with Botox.

Botox is an excellent choice for treating these signs of aging without the invasiveness and recovery time of a facelift. Your skin will look smoother and younger for months following your injections; plus, the treatments are quick and simple, and you will notice an immediate difference in your appearance.

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Is Botox Right for You?

When you contact our Fort Lauderdale office, you will be scheduled for an appointment with Dr. Kaplan. At this appointment, you and Dr. Kaplan will discuss your medical history to determine whether Botox is a good solution for you.

You can expect great results from Botox if you meet the following criteria:

– You are in reasonably good physical health

– Your skin tone is mostly good

– You are seeking treatment for moderate to severe wrinkles and creases around your eyes and in the forehead area

– You have reasonable expectations for your treatment

Dr. Kaplan will discuss the necessary precautions that you should take prior to receiving Botox injections. Some of these include avoiding alcohol for a week prior to your injections. Additionally, medications that can thin the blood, such as aspirin, may also need to be avoided as these could increase your risk for bleeding or bruising.

Botox uses very small, dilute doses of a neurotoxin to “freeze” the muscles in the area where it is injected. The medication blocks the signals from the brain to the muscles that cause the muscles to contract. When the muscles can no longer contract, your wrinkles caused by frown lines smooth out and are no longer visible. It’s important to recognize that Botox has no effect on wrinkles and lines caused by gravity and sun damage; it is only effective on wrinkles and lines caused by muscular movement.

Your Botox Treatment

The procedure for receiving a Botox treatment is a simple one and can be performed on the same day as your consultation with Dr. Kaplan. No anesthesia is necessary because the medication is administered through such a fine needle. The Botox is injected directly into the muscle that is contracting and causing the wrinkles to develop.

The number of injections you will receive will depend on how large an area needs to be treated. Each injection of Botox typically treats approximately a square centimeter of skin.

Following Your Botox Treatment in Fort Lauderdale

Dr. Kaplan will provide you with specific instructions for aftercare following your Botox treatment. Botox typically does not require any recovery period, so you can quickly return to your normal level of daily activity. Avoiding strenuous activity for about 24 hours following your treatment is advisable, and resting for a few hours following your treatment can also be helpful. Avoid touching or massaging the area that was treated. Occasionally, some bruising is possible, but this should be minimal and will quickly fade.

It may take up to a month before you see the full effect that Botox can give you. The results usually last up to about four months. When the results begin to fade, you can return to our Fort Lauderdale office for another treatment.

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